Our Story

Curated by Victoria is an online boutique featuring a collection of carefully chosen, fashionable fine jewellery. Our online presence promises quality and convenience; our bespoke service adds customised attention. The Curated by Victoria collection comprises a selection of unique pieces by designers around the world, and creations by co-founder Victoria Tryon.

A certified diamond grader, Victoria Tryon’s career spans nearly two decades and connects her to some of the finest jewellery houses in the world: Cartier, Boucheron and Harry Winston. While working for widely recognized boutiques, Victoria came to appreciate the potential for pieces to evoke different places and times. Victoria’s own jewellery collection came to fruition in 2009 when she launched “Victoria Tryon” with designs that have the capacity to tap into human emotion and to trigger memory.

In 2017 Victoria decided to include her own pieces among a thoughtful selection of works by other established jewellers from around the world. Curated by Victoria was founded with a new business partner, Julia Grandbesançon. Julia worked at the global consultancy firm McKinsey & Company in New York City before moving to London in 2011. Her life-long love of jewellery has pushed her to develop a discerning eye. Julia’s awareness of current trends, attention to detail and passion for jewellery complement Victoria’s significant experience in the industry.