By Nadine Aysoy

The Tsarina collection was created while designing an engagement ring for a client. Nadine played with delicate diamonds which eventually formed a silhouette of a snowflake. Later, various star-shaped ice crystals evolved as the basis for the Tsarina collection. These beautiful Tsarina spring flake earrings are a true statement piece and would beautifully dress up any formal attire. The dangling clusters detach from the stud allowing you to wear these earrings two different ways.

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Product Description

18k yellow gold (16.0g)
6 round peridots 10.43ct.
520 white round–cut diamonds 2.24ct.
Made to order, please allow 4-6 weeks

Designer Bio

Exquisite, intriguing and timeless – this is how Nadine Aysoy, the London-based designer describes her jewellery. Inspired by the beauty of nature, various forms of art and precious stones, her jewels may seem traditional at first glance. However, on closer look, you’d notice how the classic pieces are transformed into something extravagant and chic. Many of the decorative elements in the jewellery are inspired by Nadine’s keen eye for fashion and modern trends. Nadine was born in Antwerp, the global capital of diamonds, where she was surrounded by the sparkle of gemstones since childhood. After a career in Investment Banking, it wasn't until 2008, when Nadine returned to Switzerland, that she finally had the opportunity to realise her dream: making jewellery.